Sunday, December 28, 2008

Overdose Kunst - Non-form Material Machine [2006]

VBR, 28 mb
download from mediafire
Deemployed (#3) is one of the most brainstressing tracks i ever heard%
Just listen to it at high volume.
Other tracks are good too but totally different. These two guys experiment a lot.


  1. Thanks for this,
    i am Ryuta.k(Ryu)
    from Overdose kunst.
    Soon my solo will be released
    from dark winter label
    2009/01 after long calm.
    Let me know what you think.
    My best regards

  2. wow! sounds great! just checked that label, but nothing yet. i'll check later again)
    thanks for the music u create,

  3. dw054 - Ryuta.k - In the middle of late capitalism (63.6 MB)

    Download Songs:

    Track 01 - Hegelian Distress(song for ituji) (15.1 MB)
    Track 02 - Hunterwasser 2019 L.A. (12.9 MB)
    Track 03 - Newest Bolshevik District (6.96 MB)
    Track 04 - Potala Symapathy For Autism (15.7 MB)
    Track 05 - Wolfgang Blankenburg (14.0 MB)